mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Garden Bros Circus Announces Retirement of Elephants

Finale for Garden Brothers Circus Elephants

By WBNG News

October 11, 2016

BINGHAMTON, New York (WBNG)-- A beloved circus is saying goodbye to one of its most well-known acts. Binghamton said goodbye to the Garden Brother's Circus Elephants.
Due to changing laws over unfair treatment of the animals, the circus has voluntarily decided to retire its elephants. Circus officials say it is not because they don't take care of the animals, but to purely remove the possible concern.
"By us being in the circus, we know how well that animals are treated, so when we see these people protesting it's very discouraging," said Circus Manager, Roderick Snipes.
The circus has been entertaining people in North America for a century, and the elephants have always been a main attraction.
"Probably 80 percent of the people that come to the circus, come to see the elephants," said Snipes. "All the little kids, as soon as they see them, they don't care about nothing else. They just want to see the elephants."
However, this attraction has not been a favorite for animal activists, and some fans of all circuses.
"I have been thinking that sometimes people just treat them wrong," said Binghamton resident, Nyzia Newman.
The gentle giants were the star of the show during the Garden Brother's Circus at Floyd L. Maines Veteran Arena, Monday night.
Snipes says he knows wherever they are going after retirement, they will be very happy.
Officials say the elephants will retire at the end of the month. 

Source : Don Covington