samedi 15 octobre 2016

18th International Circus Festival of Italy Latina, 13 – 17 October 2016

Press Release n° 21 – Saturday, October 15, 2016

The débuts of the ‘A’ and ‘B’ shows were both marked by standing ovations, and a triumph for specials guests Vinicio Canestrelli Togni and the Pellegrini Brothers. The corps de ballet of Gia Eradze’s Royal Circus performed in a dazzling array of over 100 sumptuous costumes, each reflecting typical Russian motifs and styles. The circus-themed ‘Literary Café’ was also a resounding success. Circus VIPs arriving at Latina from all over the world will be received by the city’s Mayor on Saturday. Holy Mass will be celebrated in the Big Top at 11.30am on Sunday.

Erdeo, Natale, Ivan, and Andrea are known to Circus fans simply as the Pellegrini Brothers, with their exceptional artistic and personal story, which has seen them perform at the most important circuses and show venues around the world in a career lasting 30 years. Their ‘hand to hand’ number astounded the audiences at Latina, a celebration of life, beauty, and harmony in a sequence of breath-taking acrobatics, where strength is supplemented by strong technique, and daring morphs into seemingly effortless elegance, as each individual works with the other three to create a single and united entity: a metaphor not only for the difficulties of life in general, but also for those special partnerships and brotherhoods that overcome hurdles by staying strong and united through difficult times. Their spellbinding number perfectly reflects the traditional ‘Italian school’, and their stage presence is the stuff of legends.

With the presence of Vinicio Togni Canestrelli at this year’s Festival, audiences experience not only the rich tradition of Italian circus, but also the prestige of a respected Circus family, and the ultimate in human-animal interaction: Vinicio Canestrelli Togni is the youngest child of famous lady of Italian Circus, Lidia Togni. Brought up from infancy with love and respect for animals, Vinicio Canestrelli Togni soon focused his interest on horses and big cats as his preferred professional companions, and loves his animals deeply. Vinicio Canestrelli Togni returns to Latina after four years with a big cat number. Watching his cage number, his ability to establish a good and trusting working rapport with his animals is immediately evident, a result of his ‘positive reinforcement’ method of training and the care that he has for his animals: Vinicio guarantees that his felines’ living conditions are kept well above the standards required by the current laws for circus animals. His competence and humane manner offer food for thought for many people regarding the role that animals occupy in traditional Circuses.

The friendship with Russia has become the leitmotif of the entire Festival; noted producer Gia Eradze’s directorship has certainly left its mark! Hundreds of spectacular and lavish costumes created especially for this event sparkle under the Big Top with vivid colour. The Corps de Ballet of the Royal Circus of Gia Eradze is lively and graceful, amazing the audiences with their stunning performances, each one more lovely than the last.

The circus-themed ‘Literary Café’, conducted with brio and enthusiasm by Dina Tomezzoli, was a resounding success, demonstrating that people are keen to learn more about the Circus and its culture.

Two more additional events are on the calendar: today, at 12 noon, the Mayor of Latina, Dr. Damiano Coletta, will be receiving the international VIP Circus guests of the Festival at the Town Hall. There is great hope for what may come of new friendships that will bring together the world of the Circus and the Latina area.

On Sunday morning at 11.15am, the Salesian of Don Bosco of Latina will be holding an International Holy Mass inside the Big Top, which will be celebrated by Father Andrea Marianelli. All are very welcome to attend this very special service, which will also include a display by a cast member of the Festival.

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Calendar of shows:
Saturday October 15 - 16.30 (show B) and 21.00 (show A)
Sunday October 16 - 15.30 (show A) and 19.00 (show B)
Monday October 17 - 20.30, Gala Show and Awards Ceremony.

Shows ‘A’ and ‘B’ are both different, but of the same high quality as regards artistic skill and technical prowess. There are two shows because of the number of performers in the competition. The ‘Special Guests’ of the Festival will be appearing in every show, ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Photos : Christophe Roullin